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Tutorial 8

Assistive technology

  • Assistive technology is providing a means of reducing a physical impairment an assistive device for example a hearing aid (Collins English Dictionary. 2003).

Collins English dictionary  2003   Harper Collins Publishers  

Talking photo Album functions: Combine literacy and ICT with this Talking Photo Album. Record your stories, timetables or messages with our Talking Photo Album. Simply insert drawings or photographs into the plastic wallets and record up to a 10 second message on every page. Great for Dementia patients. 

Sizes and Pricing:
The larger A3 sized Talking Photo album $98 
A4 size talking photo album - $98
A3 size talking photo album - $118
Custom sizes are available - varies through sizes 

  • How the equipment increased occupational engagement for the user?  Provide examples here from the tutorial and lecture.
As said by Trev from Star Mobility who gave the students a 2-hour presentation where he introduced a variety of assistive equipment. He mentioned that not only could the talking photo album used for storing photos but can be used when following food recipes and/or daily tasks that require sequencing. For example this assists a client with short term memory loss who requires prompts, they can simply push the button for the required step they are after and the ‘talking photo album’ will give simple instructions for them to follow or give a prompt that the carer has already recorded for the clients use.

 Additional websites that will assist in knowing further information about what this assistive device "Talking photo album" can do.

Good website that demonstrates how to use a talking photo album and its use.

How easy this assistive equipment is. This video demonstrates how younger children can also use them.

other ways of using this assistive device

learning to read for younger children clip


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Expert advise: Trev from Star Mobility

Tutorial 7

student occupational therapist - 

Tutorial 6

Tutorial 5

 A topic that I found of interest while out on placement?
Being out on my first placement one thing that I came across and became interested in was transfers for the patient onto a commode or other piece of equipment. Like any other student would do when they discovered something new and wanted to find out more about the topic. I did a bit of research. Below you will find video clips of a variety of transfers.

1. transferring on to a commode

2.transfer techniques

3.transferring from bed to wheelchair

4.sit pivot transfer

5. dependent stand pivot transfer

References: all video clips above are gathered from

Tutorial 4

The title for this movie based on occupation deprivation with the theme following ‘if you draw it for me, if you paint it for me, if you cut it for me, I learn nothing’. What this for tells is that when we are working with clients and we don’t allow them to learn on their own and rather show them how it’s done without actually letting them have a go at a task themselves they won’t will not learn anything from it.

How we went about creating this short film was firstly deciding what our theme for the film would be. We got the idea off a class member who had been on a particular placement that had this theme and we found it quite relevant to our chosen topic. Before shooting we draft a plan of how we would execute the theme and who would play each role along with the amount of time that would be spent on each scene. We followed the theme as our outline for the film as clearly shown. Hope you enjoy.